Thursday, June 14, 2012

.........can Tumblr be my excuse?

This is the first time I've not only missed two days in a row, but done it willingly :( Both days I prepared to post the next part of my nano, stared at it for a moment shuddering at all the editing that had to be done to this section, and then got distracted by shiny Tumblr. I have avoided tumblr for so long (almost a year! A year!) and I'm getting sucked back in. This was first Fruits Basket's fault, and now it's also Tom Hiddleston's. I can't escape!

Anyways, after my non-excuse, I still don't want to edit that section of my nano. I really am awful at editing. I  do it all fine as long as it's changing four words, but as soon as I get to a part that needs actual re-writing I just stop. I have no idea how to get past it (except I do (just do it) but I have no desire to). This is why I'm probably never going to be a professional author.

So here's a poem! From January 2011. This one has a tune to it, but it never got any accompaniment.

The house is silent
and all the stillness
surrounds me
everything I am
is still
alone not lonely
this is all I really need
I'm all that I need
right now
sometimes the silence
makes me think everything's fine
in the world
sometimes in the silence
I'm fine



  1. Oh my goodness, Tumblr is so addicting!! My friends at college convinced me to get one last year and now I (happily) regret the decision. It is such a time waster ;D. But it is also so, so much fun. I follow a few Tumblr blogs that focus on writing. :)

    Editing and revision can be quite a drag. I have yet to fully get through a novel doing it (of course, I need to finish a novel in order to do that :P ). Have you tried editing in a group? (You know, John Green style, with everyone sitting around doing their work) You might be able to read each other's work and bounce ideas? Maybe a change of scenery would help (go outside, go to the library, sit in a park or in a tree)? I know that when I am having a really hard time, a good nap, change of scenery or group session is really helpful.

    And, worse comes to worst, I can audio record my voice as your conscience to write and edit. Because if you don't write and edit, I cannot read all of your lovely stories! :) ;D

    Have you ever written songs? I saw that you mentioned this one having tune but never having an accompaniment. I've always wanted to get into song writing (you know, perhaps after I get a handle on poetry) but I have very little musical skill. Maybe learning the guitar will help ;). (Learning guitar is my new hopeful project, since I've put archery aside until the Hunger Games influx dies down. I was planning on learning archery this year, but with the sudden obsession with it due to the Hunger Games movie, I've decided to wait. I don't want to be another movie-train jumper.)

    I don't know why, I've just always imagined you as a song writer.

  2. It's such a time waster, but it makes me so happy!! I can never figure out how to balance it though :P Ooh writing tumblrs! Those sound fun :D

    I've never tried editing in a group, that would be interesting! Haha I should go to the library and force myself to finish editing the chapter before I can go home :D I might have to try that.

    Aw, that is a lovely offer! Thank you so much :D I will do it... eventually...

    I have written a few songs, a while ago. It's really fun! They aren't very good songs, but I liked how different it was. I don't think you have to be a master poet to do it either, the way words sound change a lot when they're sung :) Do you like to sing? Good luck with the guitar! Oh you should still do archery, just tell everyone you're following in Legolas's footsteps not Katnis's :D

  3. Okay, I have been meaning to write this response for so long! I don't know how time keeps slipping away from me like this. Honestly, I don't have much to show for it. :P Maybe it has all gone to facebook and Tumblr? That'd be a scary thought. :P The main writing tumblr I follow is this one: (uh, yeah...sorry about that name. It is actually a really good tumblr for development, despite the name. They've also posted a few plot-based tumblrs that I have liked, but haven't followed yet. I will send those along next time! :) )

    I've always kind of wanted to edit in a group. I find if I write (and probably edit) in a group, I actually get more done (which feels very contradictive of what should happen in groups...). Who knows why! Ooo! That's actually a really fabulous idea...I've never thought about doing something like that before. Let me know if it works? I've even contemplated driving down to Aroma Joe's in Sanford, grabbing a hot Chai Tea Latte and use that different space to write/edit. (The same idea has crossed my mind about Panera Bread, too) Let me know if you need a library writing buddy. ;)

    Haha. Well, if you ever need it, the offer stands ;).

    I love to sing, I just cannot hold a tune! I used to be involved in chorus but it has been so long that my ear and voice seem to have forgotten what it means to hold a tune :P. (That doesn't hold me back from singing along to the radio in the car, however... ;D) Thanks for the well-wishes! I have decide on a guitar first, but I am really excited. It will be nice to have some musical influence in my life again (not that I need another hobby or anything, lol).

    Ooo, that is a very good idea, Kelia! When I eventually start archery and if anyone asks, that is what I am going to say. ;) Speaking of things involving Legolas...I so cannot wait for The Hobbit!! :D Are you excited?

  4. Haha don't worry about it, time goes so fast! I have to force myself to be productive most days. Thanks for the link!

    Maybe because you can't get so distracted in groups? Other than talking of course :P Panera's would be nice to write in! As long as you don't mind some noise :)


    Oh, you probably just need some practice! Anyone can hold a tune :) How is the guitar going?

    Haha good :D Oh my goodness YES, I cannot wait for the hobbit!! And I love the casting! :D