Saturday, September 22, 2012

September life

School has started, and while I'm not as busy as I thought I'd be, all my free time has been devoted to books, TV, or Tumblr. I feel bad for neglecting the blog!

I've also been trying to solidify my college list. I think I've gotten it down to a pretty good list of six (much better than 12!) though I'm still not sure about some of the ones I've cut out. It's stressful, but I feel better now than last week. I wish I could just pick one school and only apply to that one, but be absolutely certain it's the right choice. Not going to happen, but oh well. It's an adventure.

I'm taking two classes at a community college, which is interesting. I've had ten classes, and only one conversation with a classmate so far. (I understand the concept of starting a conversation, I just don't understand how to apply it in actual situations. How do people do it?)

And here's a random poem!

The sky was blue today
with silver-white clouds
all puffed like risen bread
just hugging the horizon

I love staring up
at september skies
feeling like I could fall
up and up into the
dizzying deep blue -

I'd fall up and hit a cloud
it would rubberband me
back to earth to sit here
pen in hand, wishing that
I had kept falling