Friday, August 30, 2013


That's pretty much where my head is right now. It's the end of August, and I've been writing this post for so long that I now leave for college TODAY. Say what?

Things that have happened since I last posted (majorly summarized): I graduated! Anti-climatic, but still, it happened. Orientation was really fun and I met some cool music people. I had the piano festival at the end of June which was a blast other than only being 3 days long. July I managed to visit most of my friends-- a few trips to the beach, a day at Sebago Lake with a friend (I LOVE jetskiing), and an awesome trip to Boston for a day. Other than that I worked all the time (sixteen days in a row is my record), babysitting an 11 year old (so it's more like playing games and driving her places), and working at the bed and breakfast I've been chambermaiding at since last summer.

Oh and, I wrote another novel. I took a long break after finishing my last one (didn't really edit it) and wanted to write one in the summer, but didn't think I'd have time. But then in the beginning of July I had a dream that I couldn't get out of my head, and I had a window of time to write it in (exactly 4 weeks), so I did. It's a really weird novel of course, and my first non-fantasy! It's pretty wacko. And it's my tenth novel!

And then and then, for a week in the beginning of August I went to the University of Hartford for a week for a Women's Leadership Program. That was amazing and I met such cool people, and got to do fun things like Dragonboating, going to see Hello Dolly, and going to a Korean music concert, which was the best. I can't wait to see all my friends from that week again.

And I leave for college TODAY. I started this post three weeks ago I think, and never got around to finishing it. But I have to post something before I leave. I cannot believe the summer is over. I probably won't post at all in college, but who knows, maybe I'll have tons of free time (ahahahahaha not likely). I can't wait to see what this fall will be like.

So long!