Monday, March 17, 2014


Here are two of my favorite poems I wrote for my creative writing class last semester.

The Piano

The worst of it is,
I cannot make a sound.
I’ve never sung a note
with my own free will.
No matter how hard I wish
for the hammer to move,
I still sit quiet
as a coffin,
mirror black and long,
my innards dead when silent.

But when a hand lifts my lid
and presses my teeth-keys,
my string-lungs start to sing.
Breath wafts over me and I
breathe it in,
the smell of someone smiling.
The taste of dust is wiped away
fingers caress my teeth,
my tongue,
my diaphragm
bellows each chord
and I can sing
and I can sing

The lid is lowered down.
The room is shuttered,
all I see is blackness now.
I cannot sing
by myself.

Chocolate dreams

Dove dark chocolate is the
best, and anyone who argues
has never eaten it
while sitting in a cave
in Acadia National Park,
the ocean just a stone
throw away and the pounding
of the waves echoing
throughout your cave,
the cave which you
used to clamber into
with all your sisters
when you were young and
all together.

It’s similar to chocolate mousse
which has to be experienced
at Parson’s Beach,
standing on that bone-dead tree
where you can see the entire
curve of sand, the green-black
sea that has no bottom,
and the marsh grass waving
at you in the wind, hello, hello,
why are you alone today?

I admit I’ve never had
smores while lying right on top
of Cadillac mountain,
all the stars bright over me
the pop and sizzle of a fire
behind my head and voices
singing soothing sounds
that wrap me up and
carry me to sleep, I’ll sleep
when we are all together.