Monday, March 17, 2014


This year, I:

1. Auditioned at 6 schools
2. Went to Canada for the first time, though only for a few hours
3. Got accepted to 4 schools and wait listed for 2
4. Was offered two full tuition music scholarships 
5. Accepted one of those
6. Wrote a very strange novel
7. Worked three jobs during the summer, once going 16 days without a day off
8. Visited a friend in Boston, traveling by train by myself for the first time
9. Drove a jet bike for the first time, and loved it
10. Wrote a very weird novel
11. Went to a Women's Leadership summer program at my college, had a fabulous time and made some great friends
12. Said goodbye to Kennebunk
13. Went to college
14. Made some amazing nerdy friends the second day I was there
15. Met a boy two weeks in
16. Went to six flags for the first time
17. Watched roughly 80 movies
18. Went to a haunted house for the first time
19. Played many games of chess, monopoly, and risk
20. Went to a midnight premiere of Catching Fire and then got breakfast at 3 AM
21. Did some schoolwork in between all that
22. Played three songs in a recital
23. Did not do NaNoWriMo for the first time in nine years, sadly
24. Had all my sisters home for the first time in two years
25. Had a fabulous christmas
26: Wrote roughly 80 poems
27: And so much more.

Wow, this is late. But I wrote it in December and never finished it, so here tis!

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