Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Non-angsty poems

Yes, you read that right. The second half of august I've been writing some poems that are actually non-angsty! It's a miracle!

To wake up when I feel like it -
say ten of ten -
the sun and blue sky smiling on me,
the whole day stretching forward
and my dreams still lingering in my head -
to sleep and dream and be rested
is one of my most favorite things.


I love it when the moon is just
a bright flare in the inky trees
and all the sky is dusky grey
and swirled with clouds, and all I hear
is chirping bugs and the night air
is silky on my face and the
whole world is dark, much darker than
the sky


Last night I kept waking up
and wishing I could slide back into
dreams that mixed memories with wants
and people with imagined things -
for in my dreams there was the sun
and endless sky, the marshgrass and
the chin-high coolness of the sea -
but in my dreams,
I could swim
I swam across a river and I
never once looked down.



  1. I like the 2nd and 3rd ones especially. The words sound nice together--fluid.

  2. I've always wondered how to write non-angsty poems. I mean, angst is kind of natural -maybe even expected- in the poetry realm. I've always felt if I did non-angst it would come out all sunshine, rainbows and fluff-filled unicorns. But look at you, these came out well! :)

    So, which do you prefer: angst or non-angst? ;)

    How was your August?

  3. All poetry is definitely infused with angst :P I used to write less angsty poems, a lot of them were about nature or just observations, and now and then I try to make myself do one of those. They're less depressing, at least! And I think a huge part of poetry is describing ordinary things weirdly, so I try to do that :P but for me at least right now, angsty ones are easier.

    My August was good, busy with work, but fun :) I'm glad school has started though! This year is going to fly by. How was your summer?