Friday, April 27, 2012

Day #2

Self Portrait

I can't draw worth a squiggle
so this is my self portrait
(even if I could draw
I would still just draw words.)

I can see in my eyes
all the things I have written
(words that no one will read)
every thought that has made
it onto the page - 

I can see in my smile
all the things I have spoken
(and I've talked far too much)
but I see most clearly
the words I wish I had said.

I am covered in words
they're my clothes, they're my shield
and each hair on my head
is a long, drawn out letter.

This poem is very odd for me because 1. it has a title, which I hardly ever do, 2. I thought of the title first and then wrote the poem, and 3. it has stanzas. The poem itself feels a little detached to me, but I still like it. If I could do art at all I would so try to draw this :)


  1. Yay for stepping out of your normal "comfort" zone! :D How did it feel writing it? Did it flow easily, or did you atruggle, feeling detached as you wrote it? Would you write a poem like this again?

    I really love the line "I see most clearly the words I wish I had said", because it is a very deep line (I don't know if you meant it to be or not! But I like it!). I also loved the entire last stanza. I had the image of an entire portrait done in words as I finished. :)

    Love ya!

  2. Well I wrote it very late at night (I could NOT sleep) and it flowed pretty easily, though I did edit it a lot. But the original concepts came really fast. I don't know, I'll see if I think of another idea like that! Usually it's just an explosion of feelings or observations :P

    Thank you!! That line is the truest I think, for most people. Thanks :) that's what I was hoping for!

    LYLAS! <3

  3. What is the picture that you envision?

  4. A girl (me) whose clothes are tightly written words, and her hair is very long letters, and it's a large picture so you can see in her eyes spirals of words, and her mouth is words too. What did it make you see?