Monday, October 15, 2012

Two poems

Hello all! October has been going well. Every day is busy, but not too much. Highlights of this week include playing on a harpsichord for the first time (so strange!) and playing on a fortepiano that was built in 1806. It was rather incredible. Here are two poems, one written ten days ago which is just kind of fun, and one that I wrote 6 months ago and just rediscovered. I don't think I've posted it here - I didn't think much of it when I wrote it but I kind of love it now. And it pretty much perfectly sums up how I feel about my poems.

I hear November walking near
her black shoes tap like rattling trees
she's still across the street and I
can't feel the wind that tugs her hair.
Her dress is gray, that non-color
that takes the life straight out of things
her eyes, when she catches my gaze,
are dark as rotting leaves.
"Don't mind Nova," October says,
his fingers tightly wound through mine.
His smile's so infectious, I
forget November's there.


These words are a bridge
between my emotions
and understanding what
they actually mean - 
sometimes I make it
over the bridge, and the world
is brighter and clearer
than before - sometimes
the bridge is unfinished
I look at it and sigh
and just leave it alone - 
sometimes the bridge is 
falling to pieces
and I'm halfway across
as it breaks, then the world
reduces me to a
pancake of what I once was
(but each poem, in the end
is really a brick
and someday I will see
what it is (who it is) I'm building)

How has October been for you?


  1. I like both of the poems. I thought they both had unexpected areas.

    You can write a poem about playing that piano and the harpsichord.